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 Canadian Crisis - Recap

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PostSubject: Canadian Crisis - Recap   Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:55 am

This is the year 2020.
In short: Russia's military took over Moscow in 2016, demolishing it. In 2017 they established total military control, in 2019, took control of Ottawa, they're spreading at an alarming rate. The Russian Federation Armed Forces (R.F.A.F.) are attacking the United States on the east coast, in which the United States Armed Forces (U.S.A.F.) are responding quickly. There is a guerrilla movement in Canada distracting the officials behind all of this. The United States is retaliating against the R.F.A.F. by sending hired Assassins to Ottawa to send a blow to the heart of the Russians.
Good luck to all.


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Canadian Crisis - Recap
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