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 The First Thing You Can Do

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The First Thing You Can Do Empty
PostSubject: The First Thing You Can Do   The First Thing You Can Do EmptySat Dec 19, 2009 2:43 pm

To be more personal, you can add different things to your profile, here is a guide for things you can do:

Add your MLN Avatar:
1. Go to your private MLN page.
2. Windows: Click "PrtSc" or Print Screen" on your keyboard, it is normally on the top right corner.
3. Windows: Open "Paint" or another picture editor program.
4. Click "Ctrl+V" and Use the clipping tool to cut your avatar out, then paste it into another "Paint" window.
5. Save the image.
6. Go here: Profile - Avatar
7. Find the location of the picture, and click "Save"
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The First Thing You Can Do
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