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 Assassin's Profile

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PostSubject: Re: Assassin's Profile   Assassin's Profile EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 3:29 am

Name: Unknown
Codename: Crux
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Class: Assassin Leader
Hair: Short (1 on sides, finger-length on top), fauxhawk, dirty blond.
Eyes: Blue
Eye wear: Bottom-rimless, rectangle, brown glasses.
Apparel: 20" silver chain, Malibu Beach Hollister t-shirt, American Eagle white leather shoes, medium wash jeans, black leather jacket.
Mission apparel: Full body, skin-tight, thermal, blast resistant, water-proof, gas proof suit. Utility belt.
Weapons: 42-shot modified Desert Eagle pistol, silencer, 30-round MP5K light machine gun, throwing knives, martial arts.

Assassin's Profile Crux7
Quote :

"hi. i'm tim. yay."
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Assassin's Profile
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