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 the under surface varies much, but it is always some ashy brown or reddish

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PostSubject: the under surface varies much, but it is always some ashy brown or reddish    Tue May 24, 2011 2:50 am

These marks are more clearly seen on the outer portion of the base of the wings, and on the inner side toward the middle and apex, and they are produced by strise and markings which tiffany and co are very common in allied species, but which are here modified and strengthened so as to imitate more exactly the venation of a leaf. The tint of the under surface varies much, but it is always some ashy brown or reddish color, which matches with those of dead leaves. The habit of the species is always to rest on a twig and among dead or dry leaves, and in this position, with the wings closely pressed together, their outline is exactly that of a moderately-sized leaf slightly curved Marc Jacobs or shrivelled.
The tail of the hind wings forms a perfect stalk, and touches the stick while the insect is supported by the middle pair of legs, which are not noticed among the twigs and fibres that surround it. The head and antennae are drawn back between the wings so as to be quite concealed, and there is a little notch tiffany outlet hollowed out at the very base of the wings, which allows the head to be retracted sufficiently. All these varied details combine to produce a disguise that is so complete and marvellous as to astonish every one who observes it and the habits of the insects are such as to utilize all these peculiarities, and render tiffany outlet them available in such a manner as to remove all doubt of the.purpose of this Tiffany and co outlet singular case of mimicry, which Marc jacobs outlet is undoubtedly a protection to the insect. Its strong and swift flight is sufficient to save it from its enemies when on the wing, but if it were equally conspicuous when at rest it could not long escape extinction, owing to the attacks of the insectivorous birds and reptiles that abound in the tropical forests. A very closely allied species (Kallima inachis) inhabits India, where it is very common, and specimens are sent in every collection from the Himalayas.
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the under surface varies much, but it is always some ashy brown or reddish
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