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 India. Among these are the tiger

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India. Among these are the tiger Empty
PostSubject: India. Among these are the tiger   India. Among these are the tiger EmptyTue May 24, 2011 3:11 am

Indo-malay Islands. Of Carnivora, thirty-three species are known from the Indo-Malay region, of which about eight are found also in Burmah and India. Among these are the tiger, leopard, a tigercat, civet, and otter while out of the twenty genera of Malayan Carnivora, thirteen are represented in India by more or less closely allied species. As an example, the Malayan bear is represented in North India by the Thibetan bear, both of which animals may be seen alive at the Zoological Society's Gardens. The hoofed animals are twenty-two in number, of which about seven tiffany outlet extend into Burmah and India. All the deer are of peculiar species except two, which range from Malacca into India.
Of the cattle, one Indian species reaches Malacca, while the Bos sondiacus of Java and Borneo is also found in Siam and Burmah. A goat-like animal is found in Sumatra which has its representative in India while the two Marc Jacobs horned rhinoceros of Sumatra and the single-horned species of Java, long supposed to be peculiar to Tiffany and co outlet these islands, are now both ascertained to exist in Burmah, Pegu, and Moulmein. The elephant of Sumatra, Borneo, and Malacca is now considered to be identical with that of Ceylon and India. In all other groups of Mammalia the same general phenomena recur. A few species are identical with those of India.
A much larger number are tiffany and co closely allied or representative forms, while there are always a small number of peculiar genera, consisting of animals unlike those -found in any other part of the world. There are about fifty bats, of which less than one-fourth tiffany outlet are Indian species thirty-four Rodents (squirrels, rats, etc.), of which six Marc jacobs outlet or eight only are Indian and ten Insectivora, with one exception peculiar to the Malay region. The squirrels are very abundant and characteristic, only two species out of twenty-five extending into Siam and Burmah. The Tupaias are curious insect-eaters, which closely resemble squirrels, and are almost confined to the Malay Islands, as are the small feather-tailed Ptilocerus lowii of Borneo, and the curious long-snouted and naked-tailed Gymnurus rafflesii.
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India. Among these are the tiger
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