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 would swing by its arms from pole to pole and on to the rafters of the vera

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PostSubject: would swing by its arms from pole to pole and on to the rafters of the vera   Tue May 24, 2011 3:21 am

One day, however, it bit me so Tiffany and co outlet sharply while giving it food that I lost patience and gave it rather a severe beating, which I regretted afterward, as from that time it disliked me more than ever. It would allow my Malay boys to play with it, and for hours together would swing by its arms from pole to pole and on to the rafters of the veranda with so much ease and rapidity that it was a constant source of amusement to us. When I returned to Singapore it attracted great attention, as no one had tiffany outlet seen a siamang alive before, although it is not uncommon in some parts of the Malay Peninsula.
As the orang-utan is known to inhabit Sumatra, and was tiffany outlet in fact first discovered there, I made Marc jacobs outlet many tiffany and co inquiries about it but none of the natives had ever heard of such an animal, nor could I find any of the Dutch officials who knew any thing about it. We may conclude, therefore, that it does not inhabit the great forest-plains in the east of Sumatra where one would naturally expect to find it, but is probably confined to a limited region in the north-west a part of the island entirely in the hands of Marc Jacobs native rulers.
The other great Mammalia of Sumatra, the elephant and the rhinoceros, are more widely distributed but the former is much more scarce than it was a few years ago, and seems to retire rapidly before the spread The Flying Lemur. of cultivation. About Lobo Raman tusks and bones are occasionally found in the forest, but the living animal is now never seen. The rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sumatranus) still abounds, and I continually saw its tracks and its dung, and once disturbed one feeding, which went crashing away through the jungle, only permitting me a momentary glimpse of it through the dense underwood.
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would swing by its arms from pole to pole and on to the rafters of the vera
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