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 is the Galeojnthecus, or flying lemur. This creature has a

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PostSubject: is the Galeojnthecus, or flying lemur. This creature has a   Tue May 24, 2011 3:32 am

I obtained a tolerably perfect cranium and a number of teeth, which were picked up by the natives. Another curious animal, which I had met with in Singapore and in Borneo, but which was more abundant here, is the Galeojnthecus, or flying lemur. This creature has a broad membrane extending all round its body to the extremities of the toes, and to the point of the rather long tail. This enables it to pass obliquely through the air from one tree to another. It is sluggish in its motions, at least by day, going up a tree Marc Jacobs by short runs of a few feet, and then stopping a moment as if the action was difficult.
It rests during the day clinging to the trunks of trees, where its olive or brown fur, mottled with irregular whitish spots and blotches, resembles closely the color of mottled bark, and no doubt helps to protect it. Once, in tiffany outlet a bright twilight, I saw one of these animals run up a trunk in a rather open place, and then glide obliquely through the air to another tree, on which it alighted near its base, and immediately began to ascend. I paced tiffany and co the distance from the tiffany outlet one tree to the other, Marc jacobs outlet and found it to be Tiffany and co outlet seventy yards and the amount of descent I estimated at not more than thirty-five or forty feet, or less than one in five.
This I think proves that the animal must have some power of guiding itself through the air, otherwise in so long a distance it would have little chance of- alighting exactly upon the trunk. Like the Cuscus of the Moluccas, the Galeopithecus feeds chiefly on leaves, and possesses a very voluminous stomach and long convoluted intestines. The brain is very small, and the animal possesses such remarkable tenacity of life that it is exceedingly difficult to kill it by ordinary means. The tail is prehensile, and is probably made use of as an additional support while feeding.
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is the Galeojnthecus, or flying lemur. This creature has a
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