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 abundant, and the genus Grammatophyllum a gigantic epiphytal orchid, whose

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PostSubject: abundant, and the genus Grammatophyllum a gigantic epiphytal orchid, whose   Tue May 24, 2011 3:44 am

Among the more characteristic forms of this flora are the rattans climbing palms of the genus Calamus, and a great variety of tall, as well as stemless palms. Orchids, Araceoe, Zinziberacese, and ferns are especially abundant, and the genus Grammatophyllum a gigantic epiphytal orchid, whose clusters of leaves and flower-stems are ten or twelve feet long is peculiar to it. Here, too, is the domain of the wonderful pitcher-plants (Nepenthaceae), which are only represented elsewhere by solitary species in Ceylon, Madagascar, the Seychelles, Celebes, and the Moluccas. Those celebrated fruits, the mangosteen and the durion, are natives of this region, and will hardly grow out of the Archipelago. The mountain plants of Java have already been alluded to as showing a former Indo-malay Islands.
connection with the Tiffany and co outlet continent of Asia and a still more extraordinary and more ancient connection with Australia has been indicated by Mr. Low's collections from the summit of Kini-balou, the loftiest mountain in Borneo. Plants have much greater facilities for passing across arms of the sea than animals. The lighter seeds are easily carried by the winds, and many of them are specially adapted to be so carried. Others can float a long time unhurt in the water, and are drifted by winds and currents to distant shores. Pigeons, and tiffany outlet other fruit-eating birds, are also the means of distributing plants, since the seeds readily germinate after passing through their bodies.
tiffany and co It thus happens that plants which grow on shores and lowlands have a Marc Jacobs wide distribution, and it requires an extensive knowledge of the species of each island to determine the relations of their floras with any approach to accuracy. At present we have no such complete knowledge of the botany of the several islands of the Archipelago and it is only by such striking phenomena as the occurrence of northern and even Marc jacobs outlet European genera on the summits of the Javanese mountains that we tiffany outlet can prove the former connection of that island with the Asiatic continent.
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abundant, and the genus Grammatophyllum a gigantic epiphytal orchid, whose
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