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 the 39 clues

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the 39 clues Empty
PostSubject: the 39 clues   the 39 clues EmptyFri Jan 29, 2010 6:15 am

It is about a family called the Cahills who are a mass family in which every famous person in history is included. There are 4 branches of family:

Lucian- They are the world leaders and dominators. Lucians are decedents of Luke Cahill.

Janus- They are the artistic branch. Januses are decedents of Jane Cahill.

Thomas- They are the super athletes. Thomases are decedents of Thomas Cahill.

Ekatrina- They are the inventors and master minds. Ekats are decedents of Katrina Cahill.

There is also a mysterious force called the Madrigals which try to tear the branches apart.

Read the books (1-6 are out now) and this will make a LOT more sense.

Also check out the website www.39clues.com It is also a trading card game so have fun!

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the 39 clues
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